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Member Registration

Please note: The onus will be on each player to register themselves. This is different to previous years. This is a THREE step process. Any questions or issues please contact the club registrar Chris Bohill
Follow this link to complete the club waiver 

Follow this link to pay the club dues. This fee applies to all players attending practice. Returning player fee is $100 for returning players and $70 for new players & students. Family/Couples is $160. Non-playing membership is $30. 

  1. Follow this link to the USGAA registration site. Please read the instructions on this page carefully. You must create your account first before completing key registration information. The page has a link to a video tutorial, if you're unsure how to proceed. 

    1. Notes: Our division is Southwest, Grades: Junior, Team is Houston Gaels

    2. If you are American born select 'Resident Player - Homegrown' for Type of registration. If Irish born but previously registered with the club, select 'Resident Player - Irish Born'. Any questions contact the club or the registrar 

  2. USGAA Deadlines are:

    1. March 31st for inter-county transfers. This is if you are coming from outside the USGAA (e.g. Ireland, Canada, NY, UK, Europe, Australia, etc)

    2. April 30th: Returning players’ deadline, including club-to-club transfers

    3. August 1st: Homegrown players who have never previously registered with an adult GAA club.

    4. NOTE: These are not our deadlines. Players should register as soon as they intend to turn out for training. 


  1. Why do I have to register twice?
    Because as a GAA player in the USA, insurance is covered by the USGAA and equipment, fields and other costs of running practice at and administering the club are covered by Houston GAA. 

  2. What does the registration fees cover?                                                                                                                                                                         The USGAA fee covers player’s insurance and the Houston GAA fee covers the cost of running practice such as fields and common equipment (kits, balls, nets, field rental, etc.), voting rights at the annual AGM, and eligibility to compete for the Houston Gaels in Texas & National tournaments

  3. What are my deadlines?
    If you are an inter county transfer, USGAA deadline is March 31. For current club players (also the deadline for USGAA club-to-club transfers), it is April 30. For new players, August 1. Club fees need to be paid in order to train/play with the club. The club WILL enforce this rule so please pay in a timely manner. 

  4. What if I am a new player?
    If it is your 1st-3rd practice, you do not need to pay registration but you must sign the liability waiver before your first practice. Afterwards, you must register with both the USGAA and the club. 

  5. Should I register if I only want to participate in the coed pub leagues?
    In order to participate in the coed pub leagues, you must also register with the USGAA, in order to receive players’ insurance. This will be done once annually only. 

  6. Why do I have to pay for registration if I have to pay for the coed league as well?
    The cost of running the coed pub incurs additional expenses that are in addition to the general running of the club. These expenses include field bookings, equipment and pub league T-shirts. 

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