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Picture of the Month - January

Could it be true, is there finally evidence....? Are the myths and tales true..? Did some of the players never make it back to Houston, ever!!??!!

We finally have photographic evidence of that mythical challenge match against New Orleans back in 2013. Some said no such photo existed. Other said that Bernie Mooney's foot never crossed the white lines of a football field.

Behold those few brave soles who played, against all odds, against New Orleans GAC and got roundly stuffed!!

The team that day was:

Top: Gilbert Gilbride, Pete Wright, John Murray, Eddie Kelleher, Chris Bohill, Dan Hennelly, Mit Hayes, Johnny Ziomek

Bottom: Paul Deane, Vinny Dwyer, Alex Rodriguez, Colm Corrigan, Bernie Mooney!?!?


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